Send secret messages that self-destruct in Messenger

Send secret messages that self-destruct in Messenger

If you need send secret messages that self-destruct when read, there are very few valid options available. But the function secret conversations on messenger allows you to send self-destructive messages to any of your contacts.

It’s inevitable worry about privacy when communicating with others using instant messaging applications. And is that the message or information sent can be disseminated or accessed by people who should not. THE messages that self-destruct can help us stay calmer by having a private or secret chat.

Messages that self-destruct in Messenger

If you want to send self-destructing private messages, follow these steps:

Open Messenger app on your cell phone and press the button write a message. Then activate the button Secret which is in the upper right part of the window.

so you must choose the person to which you want to send the secret messages.

Send private messages with secret conversations in Messenger

When the chat window opens, you will see that it is black and has the title secret conversation. In the text box for writing your messages, you will see a stopwatch to choose how long your messages will last to be deleted after being read by the recipient

click on the stopwatch and select to have messages deleted from 5 seconds to a full day after being read. write your messages and press To send.

Send private messages with secret conversations in Messenger

Now you will see how the messages you send in this secret Messenger conversation count with the chosen time. Upon completion, the message will self-destruct without a trace and no one will be able to read it again.

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send secret messages

Anyone can send secret, private and encrypted messages effortlessly thanks to Facebook Messenger. This is a very useful option in many circumstances. You won’t have to worry that you or the other person (especially) will get a copy of the chat.

At secret and encrypted conversations Facebook Messenger can give us peace of mind and confidence if we need to send confidential messages. Messages can only be read on the recipient’s device and will not be saved anywhere. Not even Facebook will be able to see them and they will be deleted after read, in a selected time interval.

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