Unlock Password Protected Excel Files

Unlock Password Protected Excel Files

We almost always password protect before sharing a excel sheet; this way we avoid that the calculations are modified. However, if these calculations are wrong or we simply need to modify some data or file format, we cannot do this without the file creator password.

MS Excel - Unlock Excel Files

Fortunately, there are several ways to unlock a password protected excel file. Here are three of the easiest ways:

1 ???? Upload the file to Google documents

Uploading the file to Google Docs will unlock it. Just upload the file, download it and save it under a different name.

2 and ???? Upload the file to Soho Sheet

Website: sheet.zoho.com

Soho Sheet works the same way as Google Docs, but with more features. The process of unlocking the Excel file is the same, upload it and download it under a different name.

3 and ???? Upload the file to the Ensode Unlock Utility

While Ensode is by far the most confusing site of these three, the file unlocking utility offered here is better than the previous ones. Scroll to the bottom of the page, accept the conditions and upload the file. You will receive a link to your already unlocked file, just download it and you will be able to work with your edit.

This Ensode tool for unlocking excel files preserves original worksheet integrity. This is without a doubt the best option.

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